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This one is even better....official trailer for Season 2 of #TheProfit only on CNBC


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Sneak peek first 16 mins of Season 2, Episode 1 Athans Motors. Season 2, Episode 1


Episode 2 trailer A. Stein Meats....Season 2, Episode 2

Episode 3 sneak peek Michael Sena's Pro-Fit........Season 2, Episode 3


Episode 4 sneak peek first 15 mins of Worldwide Trailer........Season 2, Episode 4


Episode 5 sneak peek first 14 mins of Skullduggery Trailer......Season 2, Episode 5


Episode 6 sneak peek first 15 mins of Sweet Pete's......Season 2, Episode 6


Episode 7 sneak peek of four clips from the all new next weeks' episode of Amazing Grapes......clip 1.....clip 2....clip 3....clip 4

Sneak peek first 15 mins of Amazing Grapes.....Season 2, Episode 7


Episode 8 Clip for Key West Key Lime Pie Co.......Season 2, Episode 8

& extended sneak




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Marcus with the VIP contest winner Peter. Congratulations! I know what a great time you all had and cheers for a terrific successful day of #TheProfitCNBC500! Now time to start looking forward to the next one....

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Recently Marcus took on a small town project in the heart of America- Horton, Kansas. They are in need of a real turnaround to get their community back on track & Marcus was the perfect leader to get involved and assist in jump-starting their efforts. Check out the first step which was the town hall meeting from Jan 22nd. Marcus toured the town, spoke to the leaders and addressed the community with his ideas. It was exciting to be there & get the reaction from the town's people & I can't wait to see how it's going to turn out as they continue to #reinventhorton! To watch the video of the town hall meeting here it is...Enjoy! I will update as more deveops so keep checking back or you may also check the Facebook update page for #reinventhorton which is Special thanks to Jason Smith for sharing the video with us!

3/28/14 - I've had many contacts from others asking about helping. If you would like to help with cleanup, they typically do groups on Saturday (weather pending) and you can check the facebook page link for specific details and updates on that. Also, for those wanting to donate you may direct donations to the town office at 205 East 8th, Horton, KS 66439. Special thanks to the mayor Tim Lentz for the info and keeping us updated on the progress.

Updated visit to Horton 4/11 & 4/12

Marcus was scheduled to visit Horton on 4/11 but had to reschedule for next week due some airplane safety issues. I chose to go ahead with my plan to continue on to Horton anyway and help with the #ReinventHorton process. I met some wonderful people and had an amazing time. I felt a warm hearted welcome from the moment I got there, and heard nothing but praising comments about how wonderful it has been to have Marcus be part of the process and helping them get their town & the people to set some new goals to come together to remake their town into a success! On Friday while I was filming the window display, within minutes I was greeted by Paige. It was nice to chat with her and she offered to answer any questions I had or anything I needed help with. She helped me get in touch with Linda from the Chamber of Commerce so I could get some t-shirts. While Paige was making a call to Linda, mayor Tim Lentz pulled up and offered me a tour to see the progress they have made around town. (How quickly word spreads when a stranger is spotted taking film footage downtown!) I got a tour of the town and was amazed at how much they had accomplished, especially after fighting the bad weather and cold that seemed like it would never end. They have been having good turnouts for help on Saturdays scheduled cleanups plus people in general have been getting out and working more on their own properties, and everything looks amazing-huge difference! Enjoyed the conversation with Tim while driving around town and then ended at the Lentz Express. It was there that I was found by Linda who brought the t-shirts. Tim had a job to go take care of, so I was entrusted to Linda who got me back to my car safely and offered help with getting me in touch with Lori to help with the bake sale and car wash the next day.

That night my stay at the Guest House was wonderful (Thanks Pat!) and Saturday I was up early to get started. I went to the church for the bake sale & car wash but arrived too early and no one was there yet. I found some folks that said they knew of some cleanup happening down by the lake and they could direct me there, so I went with that. I had no gloves, rake, tools, ect of any kind to use. Jenny, Maxine, Krisit and several others were glad to help me out on that! We quickly got to it and we got some serious work done. During that time I was offered to stay at Maxine's bed & breakfast by the lake and she had to get some tools anyway so we went up so I could look at it. (Beautiful for anyone looking to find an overnight stay). I was also offered to stay at other people's homes if I needed a place to stay and had several offers to buy me lunch as well. These people know hospitality! As I worked side by side with gracious townspeople, they told me countless times how appreciative they were that I came to help and how much it really meant to them. I listened to their individual stories and I could sense a real feeling of pride and hope for their community and appreciation for Marcus and there was no shortage of each and every person I talked to expressing how much his help and #ReinventHorton has meant to them personally and helped them come together as a community. Townspeople talked about seeing things happen that they never would have thought possible and are feeling a true commitment to revitalizing a community that now has a renewed spirit and is ready for a fresh start!

As I was leaving I stopped at the car wash to get the bug guts cleaned off my SUV and the high school kids did a wonderful job. They were all working hard and had a gorgeous perfect day for it! I finally got to meet up with Lori who was super sweet and also met Jason Smith who videotaped the town meeting from January. Everyone was so excited I was there and wanted to get a group pic with me, so I was touched by that. Talk about making a stranger in town feel welcome! Plus I made lots of new twitter and facebook friends, and got to actually meet others that I had already been online connected with. What a fun trip this really was and I truly feel so blessed to have been able to go and help out and be part of this wonderful little town project with a huge heart.

Marcus will be unveiling a new plan, which will be phase 2 of the process for #ReinventHorton, so stay tuned for that! Looking like my next visit will be in May & I am so excited to go back!

Check out a video I took of some Horton residents expressing their appreciation. It was a bit windy but you can still hear them and worth watching!......Reinvent Horton April 2014

If you would like to purchase a #ReinventHorton t-shirt you can get all the info you need here>>>Purchase #ReinventHorton T-shirt




Think you have what it takes to work for Marcus? He's always looking for talented, motivated and hard working, good people to add to his team. If interested send your resume to him at




OK time for a new contest folks!! CNBC has an all new promo contest for The Profit and involves getting to meet with Marcus himself and have the opportunity to discuss with him your small business or idea. Get a consultation, advice, assistance or that much needed boost your business or entrepreneurial idea needs. Oh and it's so easy all you have to do is ask him a question via the internet to get entered. Here are the links for contest rules and how to go about entering. Contest ends April 16, 2014 and a lucky random winner will be picked and contacted April 17th. Get your questions ready.....

This is the info and official rules:

Here are the three ways to enter:


Also, yet another new contest just announced! Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity for an one-on-one 30 minute consultation with Marcus, for your business! This contest is being done by Comcast Built for Business. If you are a small business owner & innovative in the use of technology within your business, to make your customer & employee experience better, then check it out! For complete info & rules for the contest click here. Good luck!


With season 2 wrapping up & as we look ahead, Season 3 of "The Profit" is right around the corner & currently casting now!!! If interested in submitting your business for consideration for the next season click here>>



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